I started out keeping bees with Buckfasts,
but that was years ago. I still don't own
a bee suit, and the only gloves I own are
for snowball fights.

It is true that the Canadians have done
less "tinkering" with their Buckfast lines,
and therefore are "truer" to the Brother Adam
version of Buckfast. But I'm sure that each
and every producer of Buckfasts has a different
tale to tell, and a bee that is slightly
different from the others.

That's why I like NWCs - NWC producers are
producing a very consistent bee, and I can
expect similar, if not identical performance
regardless of the producer.

I guess we need revision numbers for bees,
just like software. I'm flying NWC version
8.6? Well, not today. It was too cold.
Every bee was grounded.