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Thread: Fall Requeening

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    It is still not too late to requeen some of those colonies that are suspect.

    I would personally like to recommend Wilbanks Apiaries, Three Ban Italians. Reg Wilbanks is working very closely with us here at Kentucky State University on Nosema studies that we are doing. Their bees have continually come up clean. That is free of Nosema, Vorroa, and Tracheal mites. To be able to do the research we need bees that are absolutely healthy before we can make them sick, and Wilbanks have always had the best bees from the east coast.

    Phone # 912 739 4820

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    Hmmm... unfortunately I would have to challenge that..... there is official documentation that Russell Apiaries would be the best if not near the best bee... : ))
    I can show you USDA testing results....
    BUT... I guess "best" is always in the eye of the beholden.... : ))


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