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Thread: starter hives

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    hey there guys i was wondering what are some of the ways that you make you starter and finisher hives for rearing queens

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    I use the same box for the starter and finisher.

    Start with a strong hive. At least two deeps full of bees or three or four mediums. More won't hurt.

    I set up a new hive with the frames like this:

    nectar - brood - pollen - eggs - cell bar - eggs - pollen - brood - brood - nectar

    Of course nothing is perfect. Some of the "nectar" frames have some pollen, some of the brood frames have some pollen and nector, the eggs frame may have capped brood, but the point is that MOSTLY they are those things. I like to find frames FULL of pollen for the pollen frames, but sometimes I can't find any.

    While I'm doing this I keep looking for the queen. When I find the queen I put her in a hair clip queen catcher or just set that frame aside somewhere. I then shake the entire brood chamber into the starter. ALL of the bees. The field bees will leave and a lot of the bees will end up in the air and quickly return, so don't worry about depopulating the original hive.

    Usually you have a box overflowing with bees. This is good. Even after the field bees leave it will be crowded and they will all be nurse bees looking for something to feed and you'll give them a bunch of queens.

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    Here are two sites. I have used both methods but like the last one the best. Gives me very good queens.



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