I think that I accidentally killed the queen of one of my old swarms by putting mentholated mite control in it. This year I had ordered five new swarms with an extra queen. The guy that I bought my bees from had trouble with the US Post Ofice delivering them.. ) who would have thought that ??? ) swarms came without the extra queen. So instead of splitting the swarms for the old hive and trying to requeen it that way. I had to wind up putting the five swarms I ordered into olny five new hives without requeening the old one that I killed. Today, my queen just now arrives and instead of one queen, I now have two queens from him as a complimentary gratitude for the mistake. What I am going to try to attempt is this:

I am going to make a new box for the extra queen. I am going to steal two frames of brood and one frmae of honey from the hive that I killed and put them in her box. Since there is not enough workers in the old hive, I am going to break open one of the new hives that I just set. I am going to steal one of the frames from there (hopefully about a hundred or so workers will cluster the frame)and put that frame into her box also. then I am going to close the box entrance for a couple of days while introducing the queen and then come back about 4-5 days later to let her out of the cage.

Do you see any problems with this method?


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