Hi all! I am planning to try raising my own Queens for fall requeening and for splits. This will be my 4th year with bees and have had mixed sucess.I had to start over last spring with three nucs and ended up with one strong, one medium and one weak colony,The medium and weak were joined in sept. using newspaper and sprayed sugar syrup.Both have survived thus far and I hope to see two strong hives come warm weather. Both are in two deeps and one medium, wrapped and insulated with reduced bottom and vent @ top.
the question is what is the best way to raise queens with limited resources (2hives).
I just purchased a poly nuc from betterbee and "Breeding Queens" book by Gilles Fert.Any and all suggestions would be apperciated.
Thanks in advance stuart.
Both colonies were treated for mites in fall and showed very low mite counts.