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    In losing many of your hives a few years back, and reading that it took you a number of years to gain your numbers back, I assume you did not run out and buy packages to build your numbers up. I read about the aggressive nature that your bees display in ridding the brood of mites. (It is in a story in the website) I am assuming you did splits from existing hives that survived. I am not one to think that beekeeping has to be "as it was years ago". For those who do, more power to you.

    I am asking to what you attribute your success in regards to selective splitting of survivor hives vs small cell vs other climate-isolation-region, in percentgae terms. Is this possible?

    I feel you are purist at heart, and small cell is from a standpoint of keeping it natural. But I feel a large part of your success is from the strain of bee you breed, as well as perhaps other factors. I am asking your opinion as it seems to me alot of beekeepers are going small cell not from a natural thing to do but from a mite fighting angle. Do you feel that small cell alone can be successful, without your selective breeding accomplishments? Can you actually buy bees (not small cell bees)elsewhere once small cell comb is accompomplished?

    I have "assumed" alot, please correct me if I'm wrong.

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    After that nastiness in the "Wonder if..." thread, I doubt that she will post again.

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    Dee occasionally answers here as time permits, she's very busy. She also runs her own discussion group at:

    It's focus is narrowly organic and she doesn't tolerate discussion of any non-organic bee topics. Like everything 'organic', that definition is open to lots of interpretation and those that are the most exhuberant often define the boundaries.

    If you can live with that, I am sure she would welcome any questions related to small cell discussion there and you might get a faster answer from her over there.


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