I'd like to open a discussion on using just this system to raise queens. I understand that grafting may well be a 'superior' way to go about raising queens - BUT in this thread, I'd like to focus on getting this particular method to work.

Since we've had a fairly recent discussion about this "system" and various folk's success or lack of success using it, I'll jump directly into it:

I thought I'd try One-More-Time this coming Spring to see if I can get it to work. What I specifically want to try different this next time, is to use the method where the cell raising colony is the same one that was used to initially lay the eggs. In the past, I have found a website that described how to go about "splitting" the mother colony (however, you didn't physically do a split) and in some fashion making it queenless so they would raise the new queen cells. But since a literal split wasn't done, it was easy to reunite the colony after the new queen cells are drawn out. I recall that the website was from England - and obviously, can't find it now (should have bookmarked it!).

Does anyone know of or use this technique (or can describe it again)?