Very new here working with bees, have only one hive was hoping to expand to two or three this year. Not good at finding the queen, but I know there is a problem with my hive. Hive made it through the winter with lots of bees,looking very strong there, problem is, no brood in hive only a very small section of capped an uncapped drone brood. I either have a drone laying queen or a laying worker. A fellow beekeeper is going to give me a frame of brood to keep the hive going.Called about a queen,but she won't be coming until the lst of April. It was suggested to make up a new hive using this brood take my hive 20 feet away and shake off all bees.The bad queen or the laying worker would be left behind,then to install the new queen when she arrives, making sure to check for queen cells. Does this all sound about right? Would hate to lose my only hive.