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    I am in need of numbered discs for the thorax
    of my queens I plan to use for next year's breeders. I purchased some last year from Better Bee, Inc. From the packaging, they look as though they are from Poland or somewhere else in Europe. The problem I have with these discs it that the dome shape of the discs is to high and does not fit corretcly against the queen's thorax. This translates into a "gap" underneath the center, as only the edge of the disc makes contact. Can you give me another source for these numbered discs?



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    For numbered discs no, different color marking pens, yes.

    Not much available this way. Have known beekeepers to use queen holder and use marking pens or fingernail polish, and then very fine tip paint brush with another color to hand paint symbols to tell queens apart.

    But you have to really be into queen rearing to do this with several breeders available. Most just mark and follow daughter queens from certain breeders, and then narrow down the choices throughout the year to what they want for succession.


    Dee A. Lusby


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