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    I checked one of my hive yesterday and both of the brood boxes where full of cupped and uncapped brood. In the lower box on the two frames I discovered a queen cell, one on each. They where almost ready to been cupped. I took them out and placed them along with another brood frame in the nuc box. My question is: do I save both of the queen cells or I knock one of them down?

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    I think a lot depends on your strian of bee here. With some strains which are reluctant to swarm, the bees might just choose one of the queens, and in that case you're probably better off using two cells in order to be sure nothing goes wrong. that's speculation, however; I wouldn't dare try it with my bees. Last year I left two cells in a split, and it swarmed on me. It's probably best to break one down, and just leave the better-looking cell.


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