I have four hives, one of them is from a swarm that I cought last April. The other two are packages that I bought last September, and the forth is also a package bought couple of weeks ago.

The three packages are carniolans where as the swarm is "local". I do not know the scientific name but here they call it local. Its size is smaller , very active and weather tolerant but slow in collecting honey may be due to its short tongue ( as they say).

The problem I have is that the two packages last September are becoming weak with very little scattered brood. It seems that they sold me an old bee with the package. The local are active and have a fair brood look. And I can not judge the package bought recently yet, (bought from same source I bought last September packages).

My question is that as I want to re-queen the two weak carniolans colonies, which colony to be used for breeding and which one to use for cell building and which one for mating?

If I will use the weak colonies for breeding or cell building , I am not sure if I will have a good breed or good feeding.

Moreover, I can not tell how good the recent colony queen i order to use it for breeding.

Finally, I can not use the local colony for breeding because I do not want this strain.

Can anyone help in an advise?