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    Terry Greidanus has more or less given up on his unit. The metering valve kind of blew up. Hot liquid oxalic acid under pressure scared him off.
    I know that Josh Cowen was trying to improve upon Terry's idea. He has also run into troubles with hot liquid oxalic acid. It is very corrosive and only few materials can withstand it's corrosive nature.

    The apparatus that Willie B. is making is not pressurized, therefore much safer for the operator.


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    I want to thank you all again for your feedback. I've treated 2 times so far with this vaporizer and the results are astounding. If the weather co-operates, as it has over the past 2 weeks, I hope to get 1 or 2 more treatments in and that should take care of any newly emerged bees. I didn't see any adverse effects on the bees and it was fairly easy to administer without digging into the hive. Hopefully this will get them off to a good start this spring.
    They must have improved the quality of the unit somewhat because this one does not seem to be too flimsy.... not the strongest looking piece of equipment I've ever seen, but it's holding up nice.
    Thanks again

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