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    If anyone is interested in reading the patent, here it is.

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    The patented formic evaporation system is already antiquated in Germany (Krämer – Plate / lllertissner mite plate 1982).

    Formic evaporators with the best result are:

    There are several methods to apply formic acid. Here the cheapest way for the beekeeper without buying any expensive evaporator bags.

    Read about the Liebig dispenser and use a medicine-dropping bottle. Liebig works with 85% formic but most using 250ml 65% formic.

    Some beekeepers in our club using the green flower foam from a nursery or garden center. The foam comes in a piece like a brick and they cut it on the wide site in several strips 10mm / 3/8 inch thick. Put the foam strip in a sip log bag and fill it with the amount of formic you need (1bag/250ml - 65% formic). Before you place the bag in your hive cut slit into the plastic so the formic can evaporate. Place the bag between the combs (two frame from the brood) or on top of the frames. Formic vapor is heavier than air.

    A foam brick cost only a few cents and we get the formic subsidized but I personally would never use formic acid again since I find out how easy it is with OA.

    Safety is number one - with OA is no danger liquid to handle. When spilling the OA crystals take a broom and save the acid for a next treatment. When working with 65% or 85% formic acid and you spill some, make sure theyÂ’re not your kids near by.

    Whatever the reason there is a high risk of killing brood and the queen if formic evaporates to fast.

    Formic acid works not during winter when no brood but OA anytime the year.
    With evaporated OA there is no risk to brood, bees or queen.

    Almost all formic acid beekeepers I know going for a second treatment with Perizin (chumafos liquid) in the brood free time.

    We have many different natural acids available and everybody should use the treatment that works best for him and his bees.


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