Recent tests done in Florida by a German scientist on formic acid and the small hive beetle proved only one thing. These test prove that formic acid, in different applications, in various doses and concentrations, killed everything in the hive other than the small hive beetle. Formic acid does not kill the beetle.

However, there was a very important discovery made during regular treatments with MiteGone. It was observed that when acid was present in the hive the beetle tended to leave the hive and then return after the acid was gone.

THEORY: The theory behind this observation is that the acid repels the beetle either because the acid smells so bad to that the beetle leaves or because the acid somehow distorts the pheromones that attract the beetles to the hive especially to queen-less hives or hives in distress.

DEDUCTION: It may be possible, by emitting a very low dose of formic acid at the bottom board, to repel the beetle from entering the hive.

FACTS AND METHOD: We know that one full MiteGone pad will hold 240-250 grams of acid.

Laying the pad flat on the bottom board or placed in a tray under a screen bottom board will emit 2-4 grams of acid through the perforations. It will last 2-3 months.

A pad placed vertically between the comb and the wall of the hive body standing on the bottom board with a one inch corner cut or mid notch will emit 1.5-2 grams a day and last up to 5 months.

VOLUNTEERS WANTED: We need volunteers to test the theory and dosage required. We do not have the beetle in Canada – instead we have a lot of snow – so testing here is not very practical. Please give me a call if you have beetles and want to try repelling them. Thanks, Bill 250-762-8156.

Bill Ruzicka
Bill's Honey Farm
MiteGone Enterprises Inc