Looking for beekeepers in Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia who would like to test the varroa threshold.

Dewey Caron (U. Delaware), Mike Embrey (U. Maryland), Dennis van Englesdorp (PA Dept of Ag.) and Nancy Ostiguy (Penn State) are looking for beekeepers who would be willing to monitor varroa levels in honey bee colonies. We need to test the mite threshold level in a large number of colonies to determine if the threshold value works.

What do you need to do?
Be willing to monitor for varroa at least every 3 weeks throughout the summer/fall

Be willing to consider not treating colonies that are below the threshold

Report on winter survivorship.

Contact Nancy Ostiguy at Penn State: Department of Entomology, 501 ASI, University Park, PA 16803; nxo3@psu.edu; or 814-863-2872.