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    I started to clean up some winter killed hives, and noticed that some hives have a small brood area, of 5-10 cells that have young bees that seemed to be partially emerged. That being just thier heads sticking out as if they died half way out. The tongues are sticking out, as if begging for food. I see no other signs of previous AFB. These seem to be fully grown bees and AFB kills before that stage.

    I don't know if they were killed by cold and were being removed by other bees prior to the cluster freezing at some point, or if they were emerging and just coincided at a time when no food or help was available. Anyone see this before and is this a sign of AFB? There are other cells (scattered 5-10) that do not "rope" and nothing really indicates AFB but they are mushy, being dead for who knows how long.

    Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks.

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    they are just dead. not afb. probably got abandoned and the cold got em but its always good to take a close look at those patches and make sure no afb. in the winter deads you tend to find scale glued to the walls and its much tougher to see.....good magnifying light can help much.

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    I agree with Wineman, this is definitely not AFB. A good idea though to check any hive that died over winter for AFB scales.

    Gregg Stewart


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