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    The bees have mites, but new to this, I don't know how long they've had it. There are few mites but some bees have deformed wings. I saw a bee today being taken out of the hive that was pale and weak.

    I added patties last week. I gave them herbal teas with honey today, and I prepared sugar water spray with wintergreen in it to spray on the bees at the hive.

    I pasted a thin coating of vicks salve on poster board and slid it in the hive entrance.

    Could someone explain to me what to expect next?

    I'm feeling sad about this.

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    There are many possibilities to get rid of the Varroa and you have to decide which way to you like to go.
    You can use chemicals like Apistan or Checkmite (coumaphos), natural acid like formic acid, lactic acid or oxalic acid; a thymol product or you can fog the colonies with oil once a week the whole year.
    1. Apistan and Checkmite are the easiest treatments but in most parts of the world Mites getting resistant. You must find out whether this is happen in your area or not.
    2. I used formic acid a few years ago with good results but on hot days the acid evaporate to fast and this can kill lots of bees and the queen.
    3. Now I’m using oxalic acid crystals and a vaporizer and blow the fog in my colonies a few time 7 days apart till almost all mites are gone. (No Varroa resistant so far and they using the acid since 1977) I vaporized my colonies last fall approx 5 times and all my colonies survived with the best results ever. I know, at this time of the year the mite population is going up but I couldn’t find mites on bees and have not seen any deformed bees. I put some Oxamite strips in the hives for a test and found mites on the sticky papers I always have in my colonies.
    The strips must work but I will vaporize this late fall again. It is not a big problem and takes only a few mins per colony.
    4. I never used the oil treatment but some beekeepers must have a good result with this kind of treatment. (To bad, there is no independent positive test available).
    5. Thymol crystals or thymol jelly has binned used in many parts of Europe since 1998 but the results comes from 28% up to 79% efficiency.

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    Big Grin

    I to had a problem with v-mites earlier this spring. The bees were just as you described. I did not have a screened bottom board. I used a Beltsville Screen that sets on top of the bottom board. After about a month,I noticed that the deformed bees were gone. I have never done and offical mite count. However, if you are able to see the effects of the v-mites,it's time to do something.


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