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    It appears that the standard treatment for small hive beetle is CheckMite strips stapled to cardboard and placed on the bottom board and on top of the inner cover plus Gardstar drench applied around the hive. We all know that you can never use CheckMite for the treatment of mites when honey supers are in place, but what about the use of CheckMite for the treatment of SHB while honey supers are in place? My instinct is not to use anything like this when honey supers are in place, but I wanted to poll the group for standard practices.


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    You can always call CheckMite/Bear whoever and they should tell you. My guess would be that even for SHB the answer would be no. That stuff is realy bad for you.

    Billy Bob

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    In Michigan we are told to only use checkmite when there are no honey suppers on the hives. I personally have found that if I use GuardStar every 2 months that it will control the Small Hive Beetles here without having to use Checkmite or the safety chemical gloves that you need for your protection while handeling Checkmite. That stuff reads danger in the instructions for use.

    Clinton Bemrose
    just South of Lansing Michigan


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