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    iam getting some old hives that the bees that where in them had mites and die and there havent been any bees for many years do i need to spray or put any in or on the hives before i put bees in them thank you so much for ur help and time


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    When the bees die the mites die. End of story. Putting bees in the equipment will not give those bees mites.

    The more important question is: do you know it was mites? If the bees died from foulbrood, the spores will not go away. People often burn the hives when they have foulbrood because the spores are very hard to kill. Some people burn all the frames and scorch the hives. Sometimes the person who lost the bees doesn't know what they died of so they blame the mites. Another view of foulbrood is that it is an opportunistic disease that shows up because of stress and if the bees are healthy it won't be a problem.

    If you're pretty sure it was mites, then it's not a problem.

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    Foulbrood spores hang aroumd for 50 years so I'm told. In PA, they make you burn the equipment. If it was mites, as Michael said, no problem. Otherwise, you could be starting a fire in the near future.

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