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Thread: Yellow Guts

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    It's been a pretty cold winter here in the northeast. Today was the first day in 6 weeks the bees were out- 46F !! I trugged through the 3 feet of snow to check out the hives.

    I found one dead. The cluster seems to have seperated into 3 groups in the hive. There was still honey in the hive ( mostly on the sides - none on top of the bees.
    Some had their heads stuck in the cell (sign of stavation). But I fould while removing them from the cells they ALL have watery yellow guts is this any indication of a disease I sould be looking for?? Anyone seen this yellow puss before?



    Westchester NY

    ( I posted this in general beekeeping by mistake- sorry for the duplication.)

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    this is just poop left in their gut. They would have dumped this outside if it had been warm weather before they died. On prolonged periods when they cannot fly they do get quite full of sit.


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