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    Here is a tough one:

    Can anyone tell me if they know if the brood diseases or nosema are a "gram-positive" bacteria. If you do not know can you get me in a direction to find out.

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    I believe that Bacillus larvae which causes AFB is a gram positive bacteria, but it's the spores that seem to cause the problem because they can survive extreme conditions for years. Nosema is caused by a protozoan (I think), rather than a bacterial organism.

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    Nosema is cause by Nosema Apis a protozoan. AFB is caused by a spore forming bacteria Paenibacillus Larvae a rod shaped bacteria which recently has been given it's own genus. It used to be called Bacillus Larvae. It is gram positive. Here is a web site with a list of gram postitive bacteria.

    European Foul Brood is caused by Melissococcus Pluton aka Streptococcus Pluton aka Bacillus Pluton also gram positive. It has in the past been blamed on several other bacteria, Bacillus Alvei, and Bacterium Eurydice but the current belief is Melissococcus Pluton.

    Hope this helps.

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