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    I was wanting to know if anyone has had any luck with sticky boards and small hive beatles? Have you ever found a SHB stuck to the board? ect.

    I'm thinking of using a small peace of sticky board and put it under some card board just like they do the mite strips.

    Thanks Billy Bob

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    hi Billy Bob
    I have been useing the oils for treatments and found that eucalytus oils mixed in honey and feed to bees will keep out hive beetles.
    I use 10 drops of the oil to a qt. of honey feed to each hive 2 times a month works the smell I guess keeps them out also found no wax moths.
    good luck


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    If you feed the oil two times a month, how do you keep it from tainting the taste of the honey in the supers?

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    Thanks Don

    Hi Don,

    Have you ever had problems with the oils leaving any odors or taste in the honey?

    This is a essential oil? I've had problems with using oils of this type before. I used the same oil to honey mixture that you were talking about. It did work! That is one thing that I can say for the good.

    I use FGMO and 4.9mm foundation for the mites. I also have some new SMR queens from Dan Purvis up in Blairsvile Ga. I've stopped all treatments on the smr hives. My other hives, I've been slowly backing off the FGMO, by next spring I'll stop treating them also.

    As far as the SHB I haven't treated for them (Unless FGMO has any effect on them). I have stopped putting granulated ant killer around my hives to keep the fire ants away. I have found the ants have a love for the SHB larva, that and I'll turn the ground over around my hives also. Our Ga red clay is a booger bear for them to burrow into.

    Billy Bob


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