Now that I have an observation hive, I get to watch things I only know theoretically before. You see a lot of bees dancing, and I'm begining to see some different kinds of dance. There is the one for "I found some nectar!" and "I found some pollen". One of them is the "get it off me" dance. It usually attracts another bee or two who start chasing a varroa mite around and around the the bee dancing. I was stunned to see the mite move that fast. I had only seen them stationary before. The mite runs quite quickly around and a around the groomee and the groomer chases it. Then, quite often, it suddenly jumps off of the grommee and onto the groomer and the grommer start to do the "get it off me" dance and becomes the groomee. So far I have seen where they seemed to resolve the problem, but was unsure what became of the mite. I'm not sure if it fell off, was pulled off, survived, was killed? Anyway, it was quite educational. Has anyone else observed such things?

The hard thing about the observation hive is that although you can see everything, you can't always keep track of one bee in the mass of bees to see what happens, let alone one mite.