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    I have been experiencing random cases of AFB this year and have treated with Teramycin dustings. The articles below have seem interesting although I haven't read them completely yet.

    Have any others out there worked with their hives in some other manner besides totally destroying? Does it really work? Do the bees develop a better resistance to the spore? (It was mentioned that the spore is always present in all hives, but that the bees can maintain a tolerable level when they are healthy)

    Finally, what causes the imbalance that causes the AFB to get out of control in the first place?

    I look forward to hearing from those who have had similar experiences.


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    Terramycin extender patties can eliminate light cases of foulbrood effectively. Put one, or half of one in when there are no honey supers on. A strong hive will eat it away in a few months during winter. I have cleaned up many hives this way. But, in most places, legally and by old thinking, you are required to burn the combs and scorch the boxes. I used to make my own but now buy the commercial ones. They seem to keep well in the refridgerator.

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    An old method, which I've never tried, is to shake the bees down onto clean foundation, and destroy the brood. It might save the hive. Anybody tried it?


    Robert Brenchley
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    Just this year I tried that approach, deriving the information from what folks in the UK do to treat EFB.
    The jury is still out.
    I shook the bees out and replace everything.
    New Frames, new foundation, new boxes, new top and bottom.
    Fed them sugarwater for a couple of weeks (i think about 3 gallon). They've drawn out the comb and the hive is building. Last time I openned the hive I didn't smell anything.
    I busted open a few cells within the brood nest and did not see any signs. Like I said.
    the jury is out. I would like to wait a full cycle (one year) before reporting.

    I burnt the old stuff.
    An extremely hot fast fire.
    Honestly, I got a little nervious when
    the pile started to roar! WOW!

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    Since I am new to beekeeping, I have been doing lots of google searches and reading lots of books and journals. One research study on use of essential oils and their ability to control AFB showed that lemongrass oil is effective at killing the bacteria that causes it. Since Honey B Healthy contains lemongrass oil, I've wondered if it is a legitimate AFB treatment or preventative in newer hives. Anyone tried this product? If so, could you see any difference in the health of the hives you used it in? Just wondering.


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