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    Help!!! I picked up a swarm 5 weeks ago and it seemed to be fine. Yesterday I noticed a small amount of activity for the number of bees at the entrance. When I looked in I found moths had consumed several frames of comb and only a small amt of bees remained. I have 9 other hives and check them all every 2 weeks. What should I do?


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    Is the queen still in the hive? If so you can do a shake down into a new box and foundation. Clean the old frames and box. If the number of bees is small, you might want to shake them down into a nuc box. (less room for them to defend)

    If the hive is a loss DO NOT close the box up. It will only become a breeding ground for the moths. Open it up and clean the frames and box.

    Billy Bob

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    Moths - I hate these things!! I never have the problem with it in the actual hive but sometimes I do have a problem in the comb storage area. Sometimes they would find an opening in the box and destroy the all the frames in that box. By the time I realize that it is too late. Anyway here is a good method trap moths. 1 cup vinegar
    1 cup sugar
    1 banana peal

    put in plastic 2 quart bottle and cut a 2" hole in the side .. fill
    rest with water

    Takes a week get fermenting

    here is the reference on the hole thred in google:

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