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    I have been using the burgess fogger with great success this year! My question is, when the bees go into cluster in the winter months, should you still fog them? I was always lead to believe they should not be disturbed during a cold winter.



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    I seem to have discussed this subjec before. You are correct, the if the cluster is disturbed during cold weather days, the bees drop to the bottom board and remain there, consequently dieing of starvation and cold.
    In my expereince, I have used the fogger up until the end of October and in some rare occassions in November. Based on my observations, I have always advised to use the fogger until the weather permits its use without disturbing the clustering bees. Also I recommend replacing with fresh
    emulsion-coated cords during that last visit when fogging is weather possible. The bees will visit the cords and gnaw on them during cluster time because the internal temperature of the hive sometimes rises enough for the bees to move about within the hive especially in some areas where the temperature does not drop too much. This is one time when the cords become especially important because the bees will be taking FGMO to the core of the cluster when they return to feed thus expossing other bees to it.
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