I recevied email from a member of a Tara Beekeepers Association of GA.
He wrote:
The following photos show the complete destruction of my hive by wax
moths. I had inspected all the sections of this hive 4 weeks ago and it was
completely clean and well populated with bees and brood. I had two and a
half medium supers of capped honey on this hive since I harvested the spring
popular crop in mid June. Most of this honey was sourwood. I should have
removed it in mid August, but I had other things to do around the house and
I procrastinated. I can only assume that as the hive population declined
(as they normally do) in August, the moths moved into those honey supers and
took over the hive. I came home for lunch on Wednesday and the bees were in
the process of absconding. The yard was absolutely full of bees and I
initially thought that I was having a fall swarm. The hive emptied very
quickly and within 15 minutes all but a handful of the bees were gone. I
opened the hive yesterday and it was a sickening scene. Most of you may
have seen this before, but it was new to me. Combs complete destroyed,
woodenware chewed up, honey dripping from damaged combs, dead and decaying
worms and bees, maggots from flies, webbing, etc, etc.