I've read all these things -
1. get your colony down to 4.9mm foundation
2. use mineral oil
3. Eucalyptus caugh drops
etc, etc, etc

in attempts to help the bees fight mites themselves, without Apstan and other chemicals that the mites may be becoming immune to.

But, is anyone actually doing these things? Do any of them actually work? I've seen studies and such about reducing the size of the comb actually working, but what about the rest?

I dont have bees now, but have wanted them for about 15 years. However, medicating on a regular basis has not been good for any other agricultural field and I'm not really interested in constantly medicating bees when I get them. THus, I'm interested in discussing this topic with those who have tried them, and/or actually use them before I invest in hives and bees & etc.