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    I have a set of brood and super boxes with some old sheets of foundation, that I have been draging around for a couple of years. How much pains do I still need to take to treat for foul brood, mites.... etc? I need to paint and put some of the foundation in the frames and wonder if I should buy brand new, or use foundation I've drug around for years? I'm in Colorado, moving to Tennessee in May. I will miss Tom Theobald's weekly articles in Fencepost Mag. on bees. Get it if you live in the area.

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    Why would you suspect your old foundation 'sheets' as being diseased? If it's new and from a reputable dealer, use it. If it's 20 years old and never used, use it. Foundation doesn't get disease without the help of bees.

    If you worded your question incorrectly and meant to speak of re-using old brood & super drawn frames: What do you know of the history of the frames? How did the previous bees die? Do the frames smell (sour)? Are they in good shape? If the frames don't smell harsh - like old dead chicken guano, it's unlikely they had AFB or EFB. Are there dead capped brood with sunken cappings (AFB)? Is there scale at the bottom or sides (AFB/EFB respectively)?

    If you're certain there's no AFB,
    treat your bees normally when you re-use the frames - terramycin, Fumidil-B, Apistan, etc, as you need to do with EVERY healthy beehive.

    Matthew Westall - Earhling Bees, Castle Rock, CO


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