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    Dr. Pedro P. Rodriguez Guest


    Hi Ted.
    I purchased my first fogger from HQ (previously Hechinger) hardware store. HQ has since gone out of business in this area. I
    purchased a second one from Lowes hardeare store.
    For information purposes, I plan to check Home Depot and other local hardware stores to see if they carry them. I will post my findings later.
    I paid $65.00 and $68.00. I am told that some people have paid less for theirs. So, I guess that as with everything else, it pays to shop around. But for that kind of money, it is a well worth investiment. If you are careful the investiment will last you a lifetime.
    Good luck.

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    The fogger you are talking about is it the same as a farmer would use in the barn for flyes?

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    Hi Pedro -

    I just contacted my local Home Depot and they do sell the Burgess propane insect fogger model #1443 for $58.97. It's a seasonal item so some stores may not stock it till spring.

    One can also purchase this item off the Internet at:
    A photo of the fogger is also provided.


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