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Thread: Dead Bees

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    Last week I went to clean the bottom board of my 9 Hives; on the floor of each Hives, I clean out about one inch of dead bees...!since that, I am very worry about my bees.

    What is going on in this Hives? It is my first year with bees. I live in north of Quebec. I feed my bees in Sept., I insulate the Hives and keep a small opening on the upper part to let the humidite to get out I treat againt the varroas in Sept.....

    If someone know what is wrong whit my bees
    please give me the info.

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    This is normal.
    There is going to be a certain percent of bees that are going to die during the winter.
    The population might drop to as low as 30%
    depending on conditions. Under normal conditions, the bees would clean them up but since we're into the cold weather, the bees can't fly or clean up. You can help by clearing the mess with a long stick but
    I never found it nessary. Sooner or later the bees will get around to clean up the mess.

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    I'd look for those little reddish brown flecks called varroa in the dead bees. I wouldn't consider that much on the bottom normal for around here. Usually those kind of losses here would be varroa. But I don't know how things go there.

    Just because you treated doesn't mean you aren't still infested. A lot of them are not responding to the apistan for whatever reason.


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