It's funny, Terri sees lack of common sense, I see lack of personal responsibility and someone who wants everyone else to do something about what she perceives as a problem.

I don't like doctors. I had a couple screw up and try and kill me. It left me with a phobia. The problem is you can't avoid them forever, eventually you get sick enough and you have to go see one, or ten years rolls by and a tetnus shot is needed or something.

Honeybees, doctors, same diff. Everyone bumps up against them eventually.

You do what you have to do to be desensitzed, be it medical treatment, hypnotherapy or plain exposure and get on with it.

No one is asking flowergirl to a: take up bee keeping or b: work her neighbors hives though if she did suit up maybe she'd understand the facination and why her neighbors don't want to keep their bees anyplace but home.