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Thread: My "honey"moon

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    Thought you might enjoy this story.

    I just got back from my honeymoon on the Island of St. John in the U.S Virgin Islands. I'm sitting on the beach, and getting pretty hot and sun burned, so I move up under some shade on the edge of the beach. My wife said she thought they were Mangrove trees, I don't really know. Anyway the trees had flowering clumps of small blossoms all over them, and I'm thinking I'll bet a honey bee would like these. I started to look a bit closer, and there were bees all over these trees.

    Then while driving over the the East end one day we went by a small shack called Vie's place (where you can get a cold refreshment)there was a tree on the side of the road, and as I drove by my wife said "there was a hive of bees over there". I stopped the car, thinking there was some painted hive up in a yard, I backed up, and to my surprise what my wife had spotted, was a wild colony of bees working in and out of a hole at the bottom of the tree. Made my day. Got out of the car wallked over to the tree, and took some pictures.

    I know that bees are all over the world in different climates, but just wasn't expecting to see any on my honeymoon in the islands..... Enjoy

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    I also find myself looking more and more at the fields and trees for bees than I do looking at the road. It becomes a habit.I also stop and talk with a lot of old time beekeepers and have made many new friends this way. When you get the pictures back please post them.

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    I was in New Zeland a couple months ago.
    The beekeepers there are very unhappy. They have very recently got the new bee diseases and pests. The problem occured in various parts of the country at the same time. Therefore they feel the diseases & pests were intentionally introduced.
    They have many beekeepers there.



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