I have started feeding Bee-Pro from Mann Lake to my hives. I have one hive that has went through the first patty like candy. The other hives are nibbling and seem to be getting more into the stuff.

I was wondering if you guys feel it is too early to start feeding pollen substitute. The way I calculated it was they should be at optimum stregnth by the middle of March. It appears that all my hives have made it through the winter. They still have between 40 and 50lbs of stores. I have one hive that is down to probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 25lbs of stores. I have started feeding sugar water and Honey-B-Healthy. Was planning on giving a shot of Fumidil-B later next week.

Not sure if all the cold weather is gone, but our days are starting to average 45 - 50.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated.