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    I ordered two swarms this season and they arrived on Sunday. The weather here has been horrible. It has been raining and snowing everyday with temperatures in the 40's. The rest of the week is simply more of the same. I might have a window tomorrow. It is supposed to be partly sunny, 20% chance of rain, highs about 53 degrees. Then is is supposed to rain and be cold until Saturday.

    I live in a small basement apartment and have the bees in the bathroom. It is dark and cool in there. I have been misting them with water and 50-50 sugar water. As of yet, there aren't many dead bees.

    How long can my bees survive in their packages? I'm worried that they might free the queen before I can hive them.

    I'm shooting for that weather window tomorrow but worried that it may be too cold still. 53 degrees seems to be cutting it close.

    Any tips or advise would be greatly appreciated.



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    Don't worry. I have done many, many packages in the cold weather. I live in NY across the Lake. Just put the bees in the hive. 40 degree weather is fine. You just have to feed them heavy. It is best to use a top feeder or division board feeder so if it gets cold they can get to the feed. 53 degree weather is good weather for these parts. You need combs! So the bees can get going. So just do it. You are thinking in human terms the bees will do OK.


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    Hi Clay,

    Thanks for the advise. I checked the forum before I left work today. It rained on and off all day today. Everytime you needed to something outside it started, when you got done it stopped. I really appreciate your advise on this.

    It is supposed to rain hard all day tomorrow. Hopefully the bees will stay inside and make comb. I put a feeder over the inner cover and put an empty super on it to cover it up. I put the telescoping cover on the entire hive.

    I have some questions about organic beekeeping, but I have homework and a quiz coming up so I'll ask them later when I have more time.

    Thanks again!




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