I ordered two swarms this season and they arrived on Sunday. The weather here has been horrible. It has been raining and snowing everyday with temperatures in the 40's. The rest of the week is simply more of the same. I might have a window tomorrow. It is supposed to be partly sunny, 20% chance of rain, highs about 53 degrees. Then is is supposed to rain and be cold until Saturday.

I live in a small basement apartment and have the bees in the bathroom. It is dark and cool in there. I have been misting them with water and 50-50 sugar water. As of yet, there aren't many dead bees.

How long can my bees survive in their packages? I'm worried that they might free the queen before I can hive them.

I'm shooting for that weather window tomorrow but worried that it may be too cold still. 53 degrees seems to be cutting it close.

Any tips or advise would be greatly appreciated.