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    I was feeding my three hives with hive top feeders, but noticed that the weakest hive kept getting robbed and that there were a bunch of dead bees on the ground in front of the hive. So I started field feeding with boardman feeders. This has been working really well except that I have to refill the jars at least once a day! Anyway, I see my girls bringing in lots of pollen, but when I went into the hives yesterday, I was only very small stores of pollen. Does this mean they're getting enough pollen without my help, but are using it up as fast as they collect it, or do they need some bee pro patties? If they need the bee pro, can I just field feed it like I do the sugar syrup?

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    My best luck at open feeding pollen is to feed it dry. Real pollen is best. Good pollen substitute is no where near as good but can be feed too. I just set up an empty nuc with a top and bottom but no frames, away from the hives and put a pile in the back on the bottom board. They use it if they need it. Sometimes they are thick on it. Sometimes they ignore it. If you put it near your open feeder, I'm sure they would find it.

    I have not had any luck feeding pollen patties away from the hive.


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