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    I don't get along well when it's hot! I cheaped out and got a couple of lab coverals that are made out of a woven plastic. Dirt cheap, like I said, but they don't breath and I just about die when I wear them. I'm also not comfortable with the idea of going suitless!
    What is a recommendation for a very cool bee suit...after all, style is everything!


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    Most beekeepers get by with plan cloths. Long pants and long sleeve shirts. Cotton is the coolest material out there. I wear docker pants (puritan is the brand name). They sell for about $12 at Wal-Mart. They are tightly woven and the bees have a hard time stinging through them. I do where a short sleeve shirt with a T-shirt underneath, but you could wear a long sleeve shirt. If you chose to use plan cloths just make sure you buy the ones with light colors. This by no means will prevent you from ever getting a sting, but it will keep it to a bear minimum, while letting you work your bees comfortably. I may get one sting while working all of my colonies (25) in a day, and I have short sleeves. So you should get by just fine.

    I do have a full bee suit. I use it when I do removals and for bad days when I do not have a choice but work the ladies. They do come in handy from time to time.


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    The only suit that I know of that feels at all like it breaths is the Golden Bee Products suit. The rest are all smothering hot.

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    Where I worked when I got hurt we had kevelar sleeves to keep from getting cuts. So I wear short sleeves shirt with long pants with these sleeves on. I always wear a veil but gloves are optional.


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