I just checked my new hives today, it was'nt the best day as it is only about 60 degrees here today but it is not going to get better for a few days.My new hives are from packages started about 10 days ago. I also started these hives on all permacomb. I saw larva and some pollen, and they must be getting necter from some place as I saw clear fluid in the combs. They will not take sugar syrup so it must be comming from the flowers. I did not keep the hive open very long because of the cold, but to someone who knows little it looked o.k. My question, I have 10 permacomb spacing in the brood box which seems crowded but I guess 10 spacing is o.k. for brood. I had to use extra care getting the permacomb out of the hive without smashing bees. The hive tool was o.k. to lift one end but it seemed to get wedged in the hive awful easy. Do I need to buy a frame grip to make this easier?