The Kelly catalog came today. Its 0 out today, a stiff wind blowing from the north west. The snow in the driveway is deeper than the plow on the old Ford. Put the blower on the john deere and spent as long as i could stand it, blowing out. I had been doing fine this year, but a few pages in to the Kelly book and now spring fever has hit; hard. I have started a mental invintory of what i have, what needs repaired / painted and what I need to buy. Its tempting to walk down to the yard and tap on the sides of each hive, to see whos alive and whos not. But I havent the heart to do that to them in this weather. Just before Christmas, we had a couple of mild days and it was apparent that all 7 were healthy and happy. As cold as its been, I am sure they are alive. I always seem to lose them in the spring, when the humidity gets high and the nights still get cold.

Dos anybody else start feeling this way this early?