I have a hive that I want to re-queen. I want to move the old queen and some frames into an observation hive just for fun. I have a package and a new queen for the hive but the weather has been rainy for three days. When I had a clear afternoon I went to remove the old queen but I couldn't find her. (yes, my fault she's not marked.) I swear I looked for an hour and a half yesterday and I couldn't find her. I didn't see any eggs, either, but there were some very young larva and I had opened the hive a day or two earlier so maybe I disturbed her laying. It was getting late so I put an excluder between the deep bodies and called it a night.

So, how long can the bees sit in the package? If I can't find the old queen next try what should I do? (Besides mark my new queen.)


Philadelphia, PA