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    There was alot of talk recently about installing packages and the cold snaps that occurr this time of year. Hopefully this may help someone yet this year.

    April 6 - Picked up 100 packages at Wilbanks Apiary, Claxton Ga. Drove straight home and arrived around 10 p.m. - Central Pa.
    April 7 - Woke up to 3 inches of snow. Set the packages in my living room, opened a window to maintain 50 degrees.
    April 8 - High of 39
    April 9 - High of 43 and rain.
    April 10 - High of 42 and rain. Put in 21 pacages. Any bees not dumped in the box died within two minutes outside the hive.
    April 11 - High of 49, put in 42 packages.
    April 12 - High of 55+, installed the rest of the packages.

    I fed all packages in the morning and evening. Kept the room between 50 and 55 degrees. And after 6 days looked better than the last packages I recieved in the mail. Besides some comb inside the boxes, they all came through and I have inspected the bees installed in the rain on the 10th. and all queens are out and laying. I can now eat again......

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    Hi! Last Sunday, I hived two packages also from Wilbanks in GA. Our bee club ordered a couple hundred packages from them. I'm totally new to beekeeping and I live on Cape Cod, which has some of the crappiest weather of anywhere I've ever seen. You were describing lots of rainy days in the 40s, just like our whole spring. Fortunately, we had a fluke of a warm spell on Sunday and it was 50ish when I hived. Then today I checked for the queens and they are still in their cages, though the candy is gone. The bees don't seem to be taking the syrup and they're not building comb on the foundation, but I will wait another week and look again. I don't know about the bees, but I personally am sick of the long, cold, wet winters we have here!


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