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    I was at the local bee club last night and learned that hives are already building up, this is early for this area I'm told. Hives are full of bees, brood, and bringing in pollen. It seems that the bees didn't shut down much this past fall. It has been a mild winter, with only a week or two in the mid 20s at night. Not back to back weeks either. Keepers are warning newbies that if we do get a cold snap, brood maybe lost and not to be surprised if there is brood being tossed out of the hive.

    Someone also mentioned that there maybe early swarming if there isn't a cold snap and people start feeding heavily.

    Side note, a club member will have packages at $47 with a $5 cage deposit. I'm guessing they will be three pound ones, but I didn't ask. The past club president will go pick up the club's order and bring them to a central place.

    Nice group of people.


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    You are right, it is a really different winter we are having. I checked up on a friends hive the other day and saw pollen being brought in. I do think though that we havent seen the last of winter yet.

    The person that is offering the 3 pound packages is named Kenny. He is really nice. I talked with him last week and I am hoping to work with him a little soon.

    Take care
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