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    Hey guys,
    As newcomers to the boards and beekeeping in general, we often forget or do not realize that our beekeeping methodology depends greatly on where we are keeping our bees. By filling out our profiles we are able to inform other members of these boards about where we live without having to be asked "Where do you live?" each time you ask a question.

    Please take the time to fill in the information especially your location. It is important to know where you are so that people who are responding to your posts will be able to help you better. Many issues relate your location.

    I live in florida, so many of the issues that northern beekeepers are forced to deal with (overwintering for example) are almost non-existant for me. On the other hand, here in florida we have other sorts of problems that northern beekeepers aren't forced to deal with, such as heat and mosquito control measures (mosquito controlling insecticide is sprayed at night) and I need to know when the trucks are going to be passing through my neighborhood.

    At any rate, it helps us help you if we know where you are, plus its just nice to know a little about who you are.

    Thanx muchly,

    Scot Mc Pherson
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    Even if you prefer to be vague like Northern Florida or Western Nebraska. It does help a lot.


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