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    Galloway Oh


    I am currently having problems getting adequate ventilation through a few hives. I have drilled winter exit / vent holes in the supers and off set the top super from the bottom. I still see condensation on the inside of the cover. I am considering a new cover design that has soffit vents like a house. Does anyone have any ideas???

    Tim Gifford

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    Hello Tim;
    I have the type hive covers used by pollinators. They basically fit flush with the sides of the hive.This year in an effort to improve ventilation of these hives I put a 1" hole on the back of the cover and then stappled a mesh nylon sreen over that hole.
    As the weather gets colder you can go to a
    home improvment center and buy aluminum luvers to plug into these holes.Next year when I make my splits I will try the open mesh floors to further improve ventilation.Almost forgot the I will use the 3/8 side of the bottom board to set the hive boxes on.
    An interesting approach in addition is to put the hive entrance on the long side of the hive allowing me to work closer to the hive and not have to reach over the length of the hive (have some bad disce). Hope these help....Rick


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