A friend [Old time Beekeeper] and I captured a large bunch of bees today on the north side of an old house. They were out in the open under the eve of a porch about 10' off the ground. Used a Bee Vac and a little bit of smoke. The Bee Vac sure demoralizes the bees, neither of us got stung and we only used a hat and veil, [bare armed] Within 10" of these bees there were bees coming and going at the bottom of an up stairs window. The owner said that he had had bees in the house a few years back, probably been there for some time. His wife said that they had Honey soaking through the wall and through the wall paper. I would guess that the wall is full of Honey and Comb. The bees were pretty dark and I think they had been there since early spring. They had 9 combs aprox. 12" to 14" long with quite a bit of honey, brood, and pollen. We were able to salvage some comb, & brood, [used rubber bands to hold them in frames]. When we dumped them out of the bee vac box in front of the deep hive body onto some plywood we were able to see a nice big light brown QUEEN. Must of been 6 or 7 lbs. of bees. Hope to get them built up to get through the coming winter. I bought 2 nucs this spring, caught a nice bunch earlier this spring and now this makes me 4 hives. Not bad considering that I lost both hives that I had last winter. Having fun keeping bees in S.E. Ks Dale