I am a very new beekeeper. In July, I aquired 3 established colonies from an old man who wanted to down size. All the woodenware was in great shape and he had requeened each hive this past spring. I have inspected the hive each week so I could learn what to look for. The hive in question is the largest (boiling over with bees). It came with bottom board, 1 deep with 10 frames, queen excluder, a super that had 9 frames of honey, inner cover and top. Right away I put a second deep with frames and foundation on(about July 20th). They have only drawn out parts of 2 frames. When I inspected last weekend I could not find the queen. I could not find any eggs, or larvae. I only found 3 capped brood ready to hatch. I found 3 large long half constructed cells that kind of look like the pictures I have seen of queen cells. There are still tons of bees, so I assume they have not swarmed, but could they be getting ready to, or has the queen just died??? Is that normal in September?? Do queens stop laying for a few days in the fall sometimes?? I will check the hive again on Sunday. What should I do, if anything? Thank you,