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Thread: Tool Box ?

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    What kind of "tool box"/stool/super holder/etc are you using?

    I guess something to hold a hot smoker, fuel and lighter (blow torch) might be nice.

    Need some ideas, I would like to make something.

    Dave W

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    I made a tool box. It is about 3 ft long, but holds just about everything I need. I made an area for the smoker. I did not line it with anything, but made it in such a way, that it won't burn much more than brown the sides. No fires as of yet, but it has been plenty hot. I made a compartment for smoker fuel too. I use corn cob pieces, so they can be broken up into various sizes. The other side holds the essentials, plus I made it to hold swarm removal items, some screen, small hammer ect. I then made a tray to fit on the top of that compartment, that holds all my grafting equipment, cell cups ect. I also made a small space for a notebook. I jot things down, and then put them on the computer later. Actually, I think it is one of the best things I made. Also, when it is closed, I use it as a grafting bench, because I graft in the field.

    All in all, it is my bee box!

    Dale Richards
    Dal-Col Apiaries
    Drums, PA

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    You can see a picture of one at Brushy Mt. website. I bought it. It has a place for a smoker, hive tool, frame perch, fuel etc. and it doubles as a swarm catching box. It wouldn't be hard to make something like it.


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