I'm new to beekeeping and today I attempted to remove a colony from the eve of building. I removed ALL of the brood and 95% of the honey comb. I could only get 1/4 of the bees. The rest of the bees clustered out of my reach. I put all the bees,brood and honey comb in a swarm box and placed it about 6-12 inches from the cluster of bees. The swarm box is in the place where the original colony was. I'm not sure if I got the queen, but I don't think I did.
Do you guys think that the rest of the bees will move into this swarm box because all their brood and honey comb is there?
Should I had went about this another way?
I had to work over my head the whole time, very tiring. If I didn't get the whole colony, at least maybe I'll have enough to start a nuc.