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Thread: swarm trap?

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    I have heard mention of a swarm trap. What is it, were can i buy one, can i get pland or directions to make one Thanks Dan

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    hi beekeeper
    I always made my swarm catching boxes=mostly depends on where there at you night make a funnel out of screen with small funnel like shape.
    good luck

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    BILLY BOB Guest


    Hi Dan,

    I use 5 frame nucs for swarm traps. I keep them close to my hives. There is one tree in my back yard that the smarms always seam go to. I keep one in that tree all spring and well into the summer.

    From what I've seen swarms go out from the hive entrance and follow the "standard" flight path from the hive. What tree, fince post, or whatever they come to first is where they collect. I had one hive on the side of a clover fild. the swarm didn't stop untill they got to the other side (about 100 yrds).

    I've never had luck putting one out in the woods. swarms only go so far. If you don't know where a hive is you most likly won't catch any.

    You can buy one from Dadant. I've never had luck with the pheromones. The trap is like $15 or $16 the pheromones are 3 for $5. some thing like that.
    Billy Bob

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    I have had luck with phermones in those fiber pots, But....catching swarm in anything that doesn't have standard frames is a mess. A swarm will build a lot of comb in a week, and then you have the job of transfering it all to frames. Old combs in a nuc is the best. And you can throw in some pheremones or squished queens if you want.

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    Big Grin

    I too had luck with the phermones and fiber pot. I got my trap from I had a swarm sitting a tree that was out of reach, so I put the trap as close as I could. The next couple of days the bees setup shop in the trap. Easy to move into the new hive, since there wasn't much comb that was built yet.

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    spring 02 was my first season, my hives (2) set in a small clearing, facing the south. The clearing is very small. It sounds as if a trap is a good idea, which direction and how far should I locate the trap? and how high should it be placed.

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    I have an old 5 frame nuc placed about 50 feet South of my South facing bee yard. I caught 3 swarms last spring that came from my hives.

    Clinton Bemrose
    just South of Lansing Michigan


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